Friday, February 29, 2008

An EggCentric Easter: Egg-Shaped Soaps

It seems that my case of birds nest fever is spreading; my crafty mom caught the bug this week and knitted these precious little nests out of leftover yarn she had in her knitting basket. I put them to good use by filling them with straw, then nestling a few adorable egg-shaped soaps inside. They make the perfect hostess gift for Easter, or, use them as sweet little party favors at a spring bridal shower.

You’ll need:
Chocolate Egg Molds (available at craft stores, candy making supply companies)
Glycerin or shea butter soap (purchase ‘suspension formula’ soap if you are using herbal additives)
Soap dyes (I used blue)
Scented oils for fragrance (optional)
Herbal additives, such as chamomile, sea kelp, or ground walnut husks for texture (optional)
Double boiler (or microwave + glass measuring cup)

Melt chunks of soap either in a double boiler placed over simmering water, or in a glass measuring cup placed in a microwave on high for approximately 40-60 seconds.

When the soap is fully melted, mix in dye, fragrance, and/or herbal additives. (Note: If you want a variety of soaps, make small batches at a time, cleaning the tools and materials with hot water between batches.)

Carefully fill each egg mold with soap , allow to cool, then carefully pop each soap egg out of the mold (if they are stubborn, try running some warm water over the opposite site of the mold to loosen soap).

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